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Archive for June 2009

Straight Dope On Street Effectiveness

I am a regular reader of Cecil’s Straight Dope. He’s just responded to the question: “Has martial arts training ever helped anybody defeat a mugger?” Answer: yes, with qualification. Read the Straight Dope on street effectiveness. Of course, I have opinions about this because I have trained in martial arts continuously (injuries notwithstanding) for more […]

When Japan Does Fruitcake

Now obviously on a blog dedicated to one of the most sophisticated cultural treasures to come out of the Land of the Rising Sun (I’m talking about Fudebakudo here, keep up at the back of the class) I’m hardly likely to suggest that the Japanese are one raisin short of the full cake mix. But […]

Karate Cats

From icanhascheezburger.

Back from Bangkok

Cartoonist René and special agent Sung doing something too obscure to explain, which seems to involve holding up tiny, tiny jars of tiny, tiny things. I am back in the UK after a seven-week trip to Bangkok. It was good to catch up with old friends in the Big Mango. Special thanks to Ben (and […]