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Fudebakudo’s gingerbread shuriken

The Fudebakudo shuriken cutter.Now with a page of its own. Way back in 2005, we took three hundred gingerbread shuriken (with chocolate tips) to Seni, the big martial arts expo in the UK. There’s now a page on the Fudebakudo website documenting how these remarkable weapons came about (OK, the ones we made were just […]

Beholder server down

Although the Fudebakudo site isn’t directly related, on Thursday (13-Dec-2012) we suffered a hardware failure on the server that hosts and This is affecting several Beholder domains as well as email but everything should be back up and running shortly. This is now fixed (thanks Mark)! Thanks for your patience and sorry if […]

Martial arts quiz (MAQ) back online

Oops! The Fudebakudo MAQ was offline for a couple of weeks due to a technical fault (the database was sulking), but it’s fixed now. So if you’ve ever wondered if your fist was bigger than your brain, now you can find out (again).

Elephants at war

Elephant: if you do beat an elephant in a fight, it will never forget. But then the chances are neither will you. There’s a new illustration in the gallery: this one considers the benefits of bringing an elephant to a fight. It’s not a new tactic — in fact the first documented use of elephantry suggests […]

No holds bard: Shakespeare

Thunderglobe: two gentlemen of Verona enter; one man leaves There’s a new Fudebakudo image in the gallery: this one is about London’s famous Elizabethan fight venue, Shakespeare’s Thunderglobe. The history of the Globe is fascinating and there was much that I just couldn’t fit into the limited space the Fudebakudo format allows. The performance space […]

Forgotten fashion

An illustration of a furry claw boot. And the number 7. Here’s something you don’t see every day: a furry claw boot. I found this in some papers recently — it seems that at some stage this was going to be footwear number 7 in Fudebakudo’s Martial Fashion (part 2) image. When that got to final […]

Three sages

Adam Smith, father of capitalism and by implication a lot of dubious grading fees Time for another new image in the gallery: this time, The Three Sages of the Age of Enlightenment, finally acknowledging the influence of Western thought on the development of the martial arts. Specifically: knocking people down, laying mats, and charging for […]

Time wasting survey continues to waste time

I added up the votes in the Fudebakudo time wasting survey today. It’s collected well over 2000 votes so far. Carry on.

Martial fashion (part 2)

Accessory: kit bag Following on from the previous fashion post, there’s a new image in the gallery: Martial Fashion (part 2). This one addresses the problem of accessories. You can’t go to all the trouble of dressing up and then stomp out onto the mat or into the arena wearing shoes that don’t match. That would […]

Martial fashion (part 1)

Wardrobe There’s a new image in the gallery — this one is Martial Fashion (part 1). The fact of the matter is that dressing up is a huge part of the martial arts and it’s by no means as necessary or normal as most of its practitioners would have you believe. Even the baggy white […]