The Knot-Shop Man

The Fudebakublog lurches back into life after a long sleep . . .

I’ve been giving all my attention to the release of the latest Beholder project, The Knot-Shop Man. Unlike the Fudebakudo book, The Knot-Shop Man is a limited edition art project. No martial arts*, no comics, not even a flick-man in the corner of the pages.

The Knot-Shop Man

The Knot-Shop Man was published by Exploding Pen to mark the tenth anniversary of Planetarium, which was released on 9/9/99. It’s been a big project, and has resulted in a beautiful set of books (there are four books in each set). Unsurprisingly, some of the usual suspects were involved. Fudebakudo animator René did a guest illustration again, and we went back to Nick and his excellent crew at Nima Print & Design for the printing because they did such a great job with Fudebakudo.

The Knot-Shop Man is only available direct from the Beholder site. Because it’s a such a limited edition, unlike Fudebakudo, we are not selling it through other online sellers such as amazon.

* Well maybe, if you look very hard, there’s a hint of martial arts going on in one paragraph in one of the four books. But basically, no. Unless in some weird way you think drinking green tea counts . . . since there’s a lot of that going on.