The noble art of Greco-Roman wrestling

Marina Hyde has written an excellent piece in the Guardian about the “the giddy thrill of seeing two go mankini-a-mankini in ancient contest” and the shenanigans behind the composition of the team GB wrestlers.

It’s a little disappointing that the Guardian have used such an uninspiring image for that article (no disrespect to Mark McCormick, but I don’t much like the illustration there, sorry). For a few months not so long ago I worked in the Guardian HQ (although I wasn’t employed directly by them) but, despite this, Fudebakudo seems never to have infiltrated their illustration department. Odd, that. Actually, while I was there I did get to sneak over to peek at the drawing boards of both Steve Bell (we share the irrelevant qualification of both having been in Cartoon County, the difference being that I know about his work and he’s got no interest whatsoever in mine, of course) and the most excellent Nicola Jennings, who is responsible for the Graun’s exquisite caricatures.