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Fudebakudo is published by Exploding Pen Limited, and is a Beholder project.

Fudebakudo animations by René Carbonell.

Samurai animation (which really does appear in the book) by Raúl & René Carbonell.

Special thanks to the late Judith Bagai for her inscrutable attention to detail.
Thanks also to Eric of Flaming Sparrow Press in Portland, OR for services beyond the call of duty.

Downloadable slippers designed by Dennis Walker of the British Origami Society.

T'ai chi long form performed by Phil Goldman.

Additional graphics provided by Anneliese Sivelle and Steve Carpenter.

The original calligraphy for the Fudebakudo kanji was graciously provided by Mr. Makato Nanba.

Invaluable accountancy assistance patiently provided by Andy.

Extra hosting services are used through the generosity of Mark Stitson and JBB's fat pipe.

Cover and wallpaper created with POV-Ray freeware

Thank you to Jamie and Ying for helping out during Fudebakudo's ASEAN expansion campaign.

Rob DuPuis once filled his flat with stock (because this can happen when you self-publish) and ended up getting a grand piano to force the books out of his home.

Varied lugging, storing, and directoring duties provided by Timbo Beardychops. Who also provided a sack barrow, which broke.

And finally . . . . thanks to all the Fudebakudo readers who have bought the book and helped spread the word, on and off the mats of the world, about the penultimate martial art.