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Archive for July 2007


I've fixed a couple of minor problems in the ambiperplexity game. Eagle-eyed readers of the book may have noticed that on p.22 the diagram is wrong and one of the positions is in fact duplicated. It's an exercise for the reader to spot which one.  

Martial Arts Illustrated magazine

Starting from the current issue, Fudebakudo now appears in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine in the UK each month. Hello to readers of MAI who are new to the esoteric and sophisticated world of the Way of the Exploding Pen.  

Pizza hurled as weapon

Fudebakudo fans who saw us at Seni05 will remember our gingerbread shuriken (with chocolate flavour tips). Because we are serious about the martial arts, and responsible about the risk of lethal Oriental secrets falling into the unskilled hands of hooligans lacking the sensitivites to use them only against Bad People in order to make the […]

New "Way of Life" drinks to target martial artists

Lucozade"Sport" drink The rise in popularity of the so-called sports drink since the late 1980s is a masterpiece of marketing. When I was young, the only way you saw a bottle of Lucozade — then it was the startlingly sweet and reddish-orange fizzy drink in a big glass bottle (with little  bobbles around the neck) […]