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Archive for September 2007

Nice moves, baby

Baby and dummy The "Fight for Kisses" game trailer * features some nicely observed martial art details — no, not skipping with a bra, I mean the brightly coloured wooden beads on the mook yan yong — oh never mind. Just enjoy the animation.   * Warning — trailer contains gratuitous advertising.

Fudebakudo at the BAFTA

Last weekend I went to the BAFTA (that's the British Academy of Film and Television Arts) on Piccadilly to see the UK premier of Hula Girls, a Japanese Full Monty (except it's girls instead of boys, and it's hula-dancing rather than stripping). Beyond the intriguing premise of building a Hawaian Centre in a bleak mining town (which […]

Samurai crabs

On page 43 of the book, there's the curious tale of a ninja who escaped from the battle of Dannoura in 1185 by strapping his feet to a pair of crabs with kelp twine, and scuttling away. Consequently, the crabs of Shimonseki to this day bear an invisible ninja footprint on their shells. Um . […]