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Archive for November 2007

Sonidos de Oto

I've just got back from a fairly long trip to Bangkok. There was a lot of training with my  aikido friends and teachers over there, as well as meeting old and special friends off the mat. In particular I also caught up with René. René is the super-talented cartoonist who did the Fudebakudo animations. He's […]

Fudebakudo on Boxing

A pugilist I've just uploaded a new illustration on the topic of the noble art of boxing. This one doesn't exist in the book — it was done for the December issue of MAI magazine.  

How to fold a hakama 2

From a dojo down in the south of Japan some time ago. I just saw this going on and filmed it.  I never learned how to do it — when I asked to be shown how to fold mine the same way, they said it was a special technique which they wouldn't teach "visitors". Update: […]