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Archive for January 2008

Cracked's list of movie martial artists…

Heh.'s list of five movie martial artists that lost a Deathmatch to Dignity. Funny (contains some strong language, of course).

A Year of Mikka Bouzu

The Mikka Bouzu webcomic — documenting one man's futile search for enlightenment — has smashed through the one-year barrier like an iron fist through a polystyrene ceiling tile. A round of double-Zen applause (two hands clapping) to Ed O'Grady, the cartoonist behind it.  

Kung fu panda

Po the panda Angeline Jolie and Lucy Liu — together at last! This year Dreamworks will release Kung Fu Panda, a children's animation featuring the five animal stylists, and the eponymous panda. The staggering thing of course is that they seem to have passed by the possibility of using the floral styles. Not one of the studios has […]

More samurai crabs

Last year I wrote about samurai crabs. This year starts with news of a crabfight in Hakodate — Shoplifting 'seafood samurai' attacks security guard with crab. Crabfighting aficionados will be appalled to learn that, according to that report, Japanese citizens these days use imported crabs for their crabfights. Link via Japundit.  

Happy New Year

So . . . a new year, a new animation. The new Fudebakudo index page features a ninjaful animation.