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Archive for August 2008

Class Act

Disturbingly cool. Or, at the very least, disturbing. I've been away for a while, including spending several days at an aikido "summer school." I am protecting the anonymity of Roy and the others in this photograph by not mentioning any names. You might be reassured to know that this is not how people normally dress […]

State of the art of Origami

Fish + paper, Japanese style. Fish + paper, western style (actually this one is from Don's Fish & Chips in Brockville, ON). It's a matter of record that Fudebakudo was responsible for revealing the forgotten martial origins of origami. Fudebakudo even gave the world downloadable slippers by combining the awesome twin-technologies of origami and internet. But there are other people […]

Out of the Way, You Swine

Like most cartoonists, when I was a child I was fascinated by cartoons. Specifically, I liked to see how they were drawn — for example, although I enjoyed Asterix books because they were funny, I also scrutinized the hands because they were so well drawn. Sometimes I'd look though a book just to compare all […]