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Archive for December 2008

Does It Work?

Does It Work? There's a new illustration in the gallery answering the question Does It Work? It's from the current issue of MAI magazine and finally gets into the print the "works on the boulevard" gag that springs to my mind whenever people talk about martial arts working on the street. What about working on the avenue, or the crescent? Maybe […]

Judith has Decided

1. Hidari peiji proofreading When we were working on the Fudebakudo book together, Judith stated: "parody is only funny if it is accurate." The left-hand pages of Fudebakudo are accurate. We can all thank Judith for that. Let me explain. Judith and I met online through Planetarium, which is a puzzle story I wrote in […]

Seasonal Beatings

Santa about to deliver some Christmas punch It's that time of year again. Time to dust off the decorations and post the Fudebakudo Christmas animation.