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Archive for March 2011

Fudebakudo master goes rogue; displays art in public

In a shocking breach of centuries-old tradition, a Fudebakudo master has gone public. Ba Desheng publicly reveals the art. Unbelievable. Note elderly bystanders pretending not to be interested. According to the British free “newspaper” Metro, “Ba Desheng gives a whole new meaning to the term martial art, using kung fu moves to sketch out giant […]

Suffragette ju jutsu

By way of this blog’s recognition of International Women’s Day, here’s a tip o’ the hat to the most remarkable Edith Margaret Garrud, suffragette ju jutsu teacher. Amongst other impressive achievements, she taught the all-women Bodyguard corps specifically for protecting key Suffragettes against the police. She was introduced to the art by the perhaps better-remembered […]