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Fudebakudo is copyright © 1993, 2003 Beholder.

Reproduction of Fudebakudo images in any form for commercial use without permission is prohibited.

You can use the cartoons on this website for private non-commercial use (your home page or your dojo's newsletter or website, for example) but please always credit (or link back to)

Please note that we do not automatically grant permission for copying or distributing any other Fudebakudo cartoons. For example, you cannot scan images from the book and spread them around: we put them in the book and that is where they should stay. As a courtesy to you, some of the images in the gallery are provided in high-resolution format for nice printing. We also provide extra material for you to play with that does not appear in the book. This is our side of the deal — we give you free stuff, so you don't have to steal the stuff we ask you to pay for. So please play fair.

We don't put the copyright symbol (©) right inside all of our drawings (or tack on that annoying little trademark symbol (™) everywhere the logo appears) simply because doing so would make everything less pretty and less fun. See how nice we are? But nonetheless, despite what some ignorant people would like to believe, images as unique and characteristic as Fudebakudo cartoons are legally protected whether or not the little symbol appears and, yes, Fudebakudo is our trademark.

If you find any Fudebakudo material on the net (or off it) that seems to be being used without our permission, please tell us. Send a short email to info at, with a subject something like "copyright", telling us what you saw and where you saw it (e.g., the URL or location). Violators abuse the effort many people have put into the Way of the Exploding Pen, including everyone who paid for their copy of the book. Thank you for supporting Fudebakudo.