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Extremely hilarious yet undeniably insightful book... Highly recommended


Fudebakudo may well be the funniest martial arts book ever written

Mugendo Budogu (the Budo Bum)


British Kyokushinkai Karate

I write all those books about samurai and the martial arts, but none as entertaining as Fudebakudo

Dr Stephen Turnbull

...Light hearted spoofery from a position of solid knowledge...

Traditional Karate magazine

Ueshiba O-sensei claimed that martial arts training should be a joyful experience. Each of the world-class budoka I have had the privilege of allowing to hurt me has, without exception, possessed a powerful sense of humour — teaching me, they certainly needed it and they would often look at what I was doing and laugh. In another context Rumi claimed "he who does not laugh each day has no soul" and that laughter is "special illumination." Fudebakudo is a deeply serious work which will make you laugh until your sides hurt. When that happens, take three quick breaths, kiai like a banshee and buy copies for all your friends. Incidentally I thought the Tai Chi form "ring-tailed lemur plucks quivering pomegranate" was a bai shi, closed-door disciple, secret technique known to me and five others currently living.

Christopher Ross
Yoshinkan aikidoka and author of Mishima's Sword: Travels in Search of a Samurai Legend

Wonderful book

David Leffman
author of The Rough Guide to China

We love it!

KokaKids Judo magazine

star star star star star

MI magazine

You will all be fighting to get to the book because it can be enjoyed by every member of the family including martial arts practitioners and non-practitioners alike... Highly recommended

Tai Chi & Alternative Health magazine