Admin: forthcoming server upheaval

Exploding Pen is about to migrate to a different webserver. This may result in an interruption to our otherwise reliable, unflappable service. If you feel a tremor in the Force during your training, that's what it was. Sometime in the next week, we should clunk and bump onto the new machine.

Etin, CFO of the Exploding Pen publishing empire, with brass plaque

It's not just technical administration that interrupts the "business-as-usual" intensive training and under-waterfall meditation that normally goes on here, oh no. Sometimes the earthly matters of Her Majesty's Government and its Company Law rudely interfere with life in our secret mountain-top monastery bunker HQ. For example, this photo, taken last Saturday in London, shows Etin, Chief Financial Officer, in front of the Companies House brass plaque, having just delivered some frightfully important documents.

Companies House, if you didn't know, is where all the businesses in the UK are registered. I've never been inside — we just send our CFO to attend meetings there, and he tells us that what goes on is on a "need to know" basis, and so far, he says, we've needed to know nothing. Etin came to be with us because one of the Exploding Pen directors adopted him in Borneo. If you ever adopt an Orang-utan, learn from our experience and don't entrust him or her with any executive responsibility. The power goes to their orange-furred heads, and they get difficult.