Fruit abuse

Sometimes martial artists can become so absorbed in their pursuit of . . . of . . . of whatever it is that they are pursuing, that they get lost in a vortex of idiocy. For example, somewhere along the line person B was convinced by person A that this was a good idea: Fruit slice.

Seni 2007 flyer (PDF)

A worrying trend at martial arts demonstrations: the Fudebakudo flyer from Seni 2007.

Fruit abuse: Fudebakudo drew the public's attention to fruit abuse in the martial arts way back at Seni 2007. But still it goes on. Who is supplying these people? Are there backstreet fruitiers and shady greengrocers who simply don't care what happens to the vegetables they are trafficking? This madness has to stop.


Literally hours of entertainment

Only six months or so after the front page ninja animation went live, I have finally added crosshairs to the end of it (because several people had complained about this "obviously" missing feature). You have to sit through the whole silly film to get there, though.

Coming next year (or, uh, maybe later): sound!


Shrewd moves

A water shrew

Shrew on shrew action.

German film-maker Tomer Eshed has created a fabulous animated short. Runs for about 5 minutes, and is an astonishing piece of work: beautiful, educational, and accutely observed fight sequences. You won't see a better nature documentary.

Watch Our Wonderful Nature on MySpace video.

Incidentally, this is one of the films nominated in this year's SIGGRAPH animation festival. This brings back memories of 1991 (yes, a long time ago) when I attended SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles.