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Archive for October 2007

Shaolin fashion monk

There are two questions everyone needs to ask about any martial art — "does it work on the street?" and "does it work on the catwalk?"  This video suggests that the answer to the second one, for Shaolin kung fu, is a resounding "yes."   I think there might also be a lesson here about […]

Origami shuriken

Photo sent in by Matt, who also folded it If you ever find yourself in a pinch with only a sheet of paper between yourself and your enemies, knowing a skill such as shuriken-folding could well save your bacon. So here's a link explaining How to Fold a Shuriken.  Of course Fudebakudo has this to say […]

How to fold a Hakama

There are many ways to fold a hakama (that's the pleated skirt-like thing worn when practicing arts like aikido and kendo). The important thing is that it is done at the end of a class, and that it is done intricately, so that by the time you've finished folding it everyone else has finished putting […]

Ninja Bear

Normally, of course, ninja bears practice secretly. In the woods. So this is rare footage. Or pawage.   

Admin: forthcoming server upheaval

Exploding Pen is about to migrate to a different webserver. This may result in an interruption to our otherwise reliable, unflappable service. If you feel a tremor in the Force during your training, that's what it was. Sometime in the next week, we should clunk and bump onto the new machine. Etin, CFO of the […]