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Archive for March 2008

Eat the tuna fish ice cream

Phil Goldman was denied the job of male stripper in Tokyo because he was too hairy. But he posed for me, fully clothed, in Bangkok, when I drew the T'ai Chi Long Syllable Form. It's based on the White Crane Yang style long form, which Phil knows well because he studied properly with an accomplished master in […]

Wii's influence on fighting style

From the Onion again: Wii Video Games Blamed For Rise In Effeminate Violence From an aikido point of view, of course, this is a good thing, because feeble attacks are so much easier to defend against! If someone were to combine aikido with Wii technology, then we could produce a whole generation of super-effeminate attackers, which […]

Pen technique

I'm working on a new Fudebakudo frame at the moment.  I used (and continue to use) the same set of pens, given to me by a special friend, for all the Fudebakudo cartoons.  These are Rotring Rapidograph, and I use four different widths, working on marker pad over a light-box. I usually sketch in pencil or […]