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Big Dreams Little Tokyo

There's a film out there that sadly hasn't been released in the UK (as far as I know) that would definitely appeal to fans of Fudebakudo: Big Dreams Little Tokyo.

It's due to be released on DVD in July (although the stupidity of the DVD "region" mechanism means that's probably not true for law-abiding UK residents . . . really, DVD regioning is one of the most stupid and offensive ways of penalising people for not breaking the law). I haven't seen the film, although I knew about it through an earlier Japundit review, but I am totally won over by the utter Japaneseness of this trailer:



Official site: . . . and there's a review in LA Splash magazine, too.

Incidentally, I thought Lost in Translation, which somehow became the de facto Japanese-Western culture-clash film (Richard Chamberlain's effort in Shogun notwithstanding) was rather feeble. Maybe it was only clever if you hadn't been there.