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Japanese rescue knotting

Exploding Pen (the shadowy global publishing empire behind Fudebakudo) has an overlapping interest in slightly bizarre Japanese arts (see: Fudebakudo) and knots (see: The Knot-Shop Man). So here you go: some impressive Japanese-style urgent knot-tying. Make a loop. Then the bowline bunny comes out of the hole, hops round the tree, back down the… nah, […]

Japanese Pepsi advert is… well it has swords in it

Obviously, there’s only one drink the serious martial artist should be drinking. Well, apart from Japanese tea. Or the blood of vanquished enemies. Or Lucozade’s Way of Life drink. Or the fermented mare’s milk, kumis, that kept the thirsty Mongol warriors on top form through all that conquering. Anyway, apart from all those, I was […]

Video of French MMA Paraisy, and Cuban trapeze

There’s an unusually artistic view of MMA, without any fighting, in this short film portrait of French fighter Norman Paraisy: A Fighter in the Wind — Norman Paraisy I wrote about the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts about five years ago; I still maintain there’s a big difference in the reasons most people watch it […]

Beholder’s Alphabet for Geniuses

E is for… zebra? See the Alphabet for Geniuses. The Fudebakublog also serves as an occasional mouthpiece for other Beholder projects. So I’ll mention here that the old Alphabet for Geniuses project has been updated. The Beholder site has not been linking to the Alphabet for a couple of years for rather silly reasons to […]

Jackie Chan’s “Best Story Ever”

A short anecdote from Jackie Chan, remembering being hit by Bruce Lee with a stick. “…I pretend very painful. I just want Bruce Lee hold me as long as he can.” Lovely 🙂

Unexploding pen

A close friend and secret Fudebakudo practitioner unironically sent me a link to this video of a pen, knowing I would enjoy it. It’s a short video from youtube channel TheImmovableMovers* showing marks being made with a flex-nibbed fountain pen: I post it here because when I work (by which I mean, my day-job) and […]

2013 films featuring Fudebakudo

Red and black: Zhang Ziyi in the forthcoming film The Grandmaster. Note the red light above her right shoulder shining directly into the audience’s eyes. And the black coat. Coincidence? You be the judge. As usual, Fudebakudo’s involvement in the history of the martial arts must always remain hidden because it is, at its heart, […]

Jane Yeh on ninjas

Jane Yeh‘s poem On Ninjas appears in the current issue of Boston Review. …They make single-serving Lancashire hotpots to show their culinary mastery.They take turns doing the laundry. (It’s easy; no whites or colors.)… You can buy the book this poem is from: The Ninjas (ISBN-13: 978-1847771476). I’d link to Amazon but, like buying a Fudebakudo […]

Nori Yamagata at the Japanese Posing Archery championships

Despite a history of doping scandals and problems with unruly crowd behaviour, the Japanese Posing Archery championships still hit the mark. I’m not sure of the original source of this, so I can’t give the correct attribution to the commentator.Update: I think it’s by Ireland’s “Apres Match”

The Man with the Iron Fists trailer

So… the trailer for “forthcoming” Tarantino and RZA (no, me neither) film The Man with the Iron Fists is out. There are a number of aspects to this that may leap out at you (once you’ve confirmed you’re old enough — and presumably mature enough — to watch it), but probably the most obvious one […]