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Aikido Creative-Commons Artwork

The images on this page* are all available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. That means you can use them for anything you want, including commerical use, provided that you credit Beholder and license your new creations under the identical terms.

For example, if you want to use them in an information pack for new members, or on your dojo website, then that's fine — just put a credit somewhere on the document or page such as:

images cc by-sa Beholder

If you're using them online, please don't steal our bandwidth: copy the image files and host them on your own website. If you're putting them in a document, remember to use the print-resolution ones.

The collection currently includes basic attacks, techniques, terms, and sundry. Check back again: more added from time to time!

* Sorry, but other Fudebakudo images on this website are © Beholder so can't be used for commercial purposes — see our position on copyright to see what we're cool with and what we're not.


kata dori

kata dori web print

katate dori

katate dori web print

kosa dori

kosa dori web print

morote dori

morote dori web print

ryote dori

ryote dori web print

shomen uchi

shomen uchi web print


tsuki web print

ushiro ryokata dori

ushiro ryokata dori web print

ushiro ryote dori

ushiro ryote dori web print

yokomen uchi

yokomen uchi web print


ZIP10 images

web print



ikyo web print


nikyo web print


sankyo web print

irimi nage

irimi nage web print

shiho nage

shiho nage web print

kote gaeshi

kote gaeshi web print

kokyu ho

kokyu ho web print

sumi otoshi

sumi otoshi web print


ZIP8 images

web print

Useful terms


omote web print


ura web print

uke & tori

uke & tori web print


seiza web print

hanmi handachi waza

hanmi handachi waza web print

suwari waza

suwari waza web print

useful terms

ZIP6 images

web print



onegaishimasu web print


domo web print


keikogi web print

o sensei

o sensei web print

standing bow

standing bow web print

kneeling bow

kneeling bow web print


boken web print


jo web print


tanto web print


ZIP9 images

web print

Fudebakudo is published by Exploding Pen Limited, and is a Beholder project.

These images were originally prepared for Sotenjuku aikido club (in Egham and Staines, UK).