Buying the Fudebakudo Book

There are several ways to get a brand new copy of the Fudebakudo book.

Online you can buy the the book from Amazon. If you do buy from Amazon, it's very slightly better for us if you navigate there via any of the Amazon links on this site (because we also get a teensy weensy referral fee from it).

buy from Amazon

However, if you'd prefer to support a team of humans who actually know and care about the martial arts, rather than a tax-dodging global conglomerate, everyone will be happier if you order from our honourable friends at Nine Circles instead.

Nine Circles martial arts supplies

Nine Circles staff may or may not have secret Fudebakudo tattoos. For hard cash, they'll let you have a look. Possibly.

Little-known fact:
Because the Fudebakudo book is carried by the UK's national distributor, you can in fact order Fudebakudo directly from any good bookshop in the UK, and most can have it for you within 24 hours. Aw, bless them; considering how tiny Exploding Pen (the publishing operation behind Fudebakudo) is, our dealings with the distributor, Gardners, have always been rather sweet, such as the last time the books were delivered by bike.

If you're in London you might be able to buy your copy off-the-shelf from London's premium independent bookshop Foyles, who were enthusiastic supporters of the Fudebakudo book when it was first published. In fact, they were our champion sellers for the first few years of the book's existence. They also used to have the biggest and best selection of martial arts books in London. Since then they've dropped the ball on the martial arts section, and sadly they're not so good at supporting little publishers like us any more, but if you're lucky there are sometimes one or two copies of the book on their shelves. Just sayin'.

As a publisher, we generally sell to trade, but if you want a signed copy then you certainly can buy directly from us by post. We also have one or two (really, that's all) T-shirts available, and we're even happy to send you postcards for free if you ask nicely.

Sadly we don't do events any more, but if we did, you would have had the most fun buying the book from us at one of those.