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Legal Stuff

Fudebakudo is copyright © 1993, 2003 Beholder.

"Fudebakudo" and the Samurai-Pen-Helmet logo are trademarks of Exploding Pen Limited.

Reproduction of Fudebakudo images in any form for commercial use without permission is prohibited.

You can use the images on this website for private non-commercial use (your home page or your dojo's newsletter or website, for example) but please always credit (or link back to) Please help us by understanding our position on copyright and reporting any violators to us.

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Privacy and Email Policy

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Always seek expert, qualified instruction when learning martial arts, especially secret and devastating martial arts. Exploding Pen Limited accepts no responsibility for injury caused or sustained through attempts to emulate the feats described or implied by Fudebakudo. No, really.