Seni I-Spy

SeniThe big martial arts expo Seni is this weekend (at ExCel, London). Exploding Pen will be there selling and signing books (and selling T-shirts). If you come along, come and say hello and applaud the fact that, unlike many martial art wannabes, we still take it all terribly seriously. Oh yes.

I-Spy Game The fact is that this is our fourth Seni (see these reports of our previous trips) so we are frankly experts on what's good and bad about the show. Rather than keep this precious knowledge to ourselves, this year we are sharing our expertise with the Seni I-Spy! game (downloads a 171Kb PDF).

There is no prize for high scores (although let us know how you get on) — only the fuzzy, warm glow of satisfaction of knowing that your powers of observation were tested and not found wanting.