Seni 2007

Well, we survived Seni 2007 — see the full report.

Shoko-san with book

Shoko-san skilfully holds a copy of the book without obscuring any of the cover artwork

This year, for the first time our veteran sales champion Jun-san was unable to join us — she's returned to Japan where I believe she now lives as a hermit in a remote mountain stronghold teaching tengu goblins secret Fudebakudo techniques. So I had a brand new team selling for me . . . it must have been a daunting prospect for Shoko-san and Nanae-san to come into the strange world of Fudebakudo and the even stranger world of Seni, but they coped with it all like real experts. Despite being forced to work bitterly hard for so long and for so little on Saturday, they came back the next day to do it again.

We take a risk with Seni (because it is an expensive show at which to exhibit) but due to the irresistable smiley persuasion of the team, we sold a lot of books and a whole bunch of T-shirts.

It was also great to meet old friends (some from previous Seni shows, and some from aikido) and Fudebakudo practitioners old and new. Thanks to everyone who came to say hello and support the Way of the Exploding Pen.