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Aikido Wedding Cake-o

See what happens when martial arts and marital arts collide — you get aikido on a wedding cake. In November 2006, two Fudebakudo stylists (Rob and Emily) got married. Fudebakudo featured on their cake.

irimi nage

ikkyo nage in randori


keiko featuring nikkyo pin

a multi-tiered dojo

bride and groom

white tatami (chocolate also available)

Those little people (and there are about 40 of them) are wearing authentic Japanese-stitched keikogi sewn by Masayo-san by hand and on Natsuko-san's sewing machine. And yes, the tiny hakama have miniature pleats down the front.

Thanks to Rob & Emily of Walthamstow Aikido for letting Fudebakudo stomp all over their cake.