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Which martial artists are the martial smartest?
Fudebakudo knows! We track the results of this Martial Arts Quiz.

Recent Top 20 Scores

  Art Score Date
1 Iaido/Kendo 21 27-May
2 Aikido 12 19-May
3 Kung Fu 6 31-May

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Average Scores by Martial Art

  • Iaido/Kendo

    Iaido/Kendo 21.00

    Japanese weapon systems including kendo and jodo

  • Taekwondo

    Taekwondo 21.00

    Taekwondo, hapkido, and other Korean arts

  • Archery

    Archery 18.00

    All styles of archery including kyudo

  • Aikido

    Aikido 12.00

    All styles of aikido

  • Kung Fu

    Kung Fu 6.00

    All styles of kung fu and wushu

Result summary last updated: 31-May-2021 at 07:05 GMT
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