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Fudebakudo Real-Time Self-Defence Advisor

End self-defence technique decision uncertainty! With the Fudebakudo Real-time Self-Defence Advisor you no longer have to worry about embarrassingly inappropriate responses — make the right move, every time.

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As any martial artist will tell you, if you find yourself in a pinch it's no good knowing 108 techniques if you can't pick the right one for your attacker. Now, thanks to Fudebakudo, you can walk the streets without fear, knowing that if you are attacked, you can tap a few buttons and connect to the Fudebakudo Real-time Self-Defence Advisor. Just follow the questions and identify the attack your assailant is currently launching against you, and the Advisor will consult its exhaustive database of defensive manoeuvres and almost instantaneously recommend the best technique with which to defend yourself.