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Archive for January 2007

Spider Source

I put a spider on the back cover of the Fudebakudo book. People who know me well find this surprising, because I suffer from the relatively common affliction of arachnophobia — fear of spiders. So maybe you don't like spiders either, but something deep down in my primal wiring really has a problem with them. […]

Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

A beautiful video for those of you old enough to know better… "I was a superheroKing of 1985I showed no mercyI was always Kobra Kai!"  Sweep the Leg! Wow. Nice Hero touch running across the swimming pool Update:Although I recognised Ralph Macchio's cameo at the end, when I first posted this I hadn't appreciated that […]

Over 10,000 Quizzes Completed

This week the 10,000th M.A.Q. (Martial Art Quiz) was completed. Ten thousand people have racked their brains. And because we delete repeat attempts, that even allows for those who took the quiz again immediately in order to get a better score. Wow. That's a lot of people. (Not all of them bought the book, heh.) […]

Exploding Pen at Seni 2007

This year, for the first time, Seni will be in London.  It's the UK's biggest martial arts show, and if you've never been, well… hmm, well, it's an interesting day out. You have to go at least once, just to see what you've been missing.  Seni07 is at London Excel (which is easy to get […]

Battle Cats

On page 48, Fudebakudo describes the use of cats in hand-to-hand combat. When I was researching this unusual activity, I missed Jeff de Boer's astonishing armour for cats. The original impetus for Fudebakudo's Battle Cats of Burma story was triggered on a trip out of Bangkok. Idly flicking through the Thai Airways in-flight magazine, a photograph caught my eye […]

Buying from

It's been possible to buy the book from for a while but we've only just added links to amazon directly from our site. Although we prefer you to buy direct from us (while our online shop is still open) or from our preferred retailers (see the book FAQ for details), Amazon often discount heavily […]

Blog replaces Forum

The Fudebakublog you're reading now has replaced the forum. We had a few problems with the forum (mainly to do with spammers) so it's easier to shut it down and police this smaller, neater blog instead. We may lift some of the more interesting posts out of the Forum's archives and post them here later.