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Archive for February 2007

Mikka Bouzu

UK cartoonist Ed O'Grady has recently launched his Mikka Bouzu comic online. Visit regularly — it's updated with a new instalment every week.  

Aikido described

Several times a week I walk past the haberdashery shop where I bought the bits and pieces needed to make the wedding cake and I am reminded of the conversation I had with one of the women working there at the time. Rather than introduce the unfamiliar word "aikido" into the conversation, I'd previously said I […]

Wisdom of Koans

It is well known that Fudebakudo masters, drawing on the tradition of Zen, often torment and bemuse their students with koans. Sometimes a single koan is thrown before a student to disrupt reliance on  the intellect as a tool for understanding reality. At other times, a whole line of koans is used as a test […]

Book Recommendation: Mishima's Sword

I just finished reading Mishima's Sword by Christopher Ross. It's an engrossing piece of research concerning Yukio Mishima, the Japanese writer who famously (or, more accurately, infamously) killed himself in the "traditional" manner of seppuku in 1970. The book loosely takes the form of a journal of Ross's progress as he attempts to track down the […]

The Myth of the Oppressor?

Last night I was sitting in the pub, like you do, talking to a friend who explained how the shape of his face had been influenced by Thai boxing — a nose injury from falling flat on the mat, as it happens (he said: "People ask me 'Why didn't you put your hands out?', and […]