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The Concuspidor: twenty years old

By now (July 2015), the Concuspidor can start celebrating having completed his second decade on the web. More accurately, at the very end of June 1995 the first instalment of the story The Concuspidor & the Grand Wizard of Many Things was published online. The story progressed in weekly instalments from that point on until […]

Once upon a time I read Wolves in the Walls

Around ten years ago, maybe a little less, I went into a school to talk to the children about fairy tales, to read them Neil Gaiman’s Wolves in the Walls, and to test out their reaction to the folk-talesy (very) short stories that I had written to preface each of the Knot-Shop Man books. Actually the children […]

Short story: La Séptima Bala

I’m pleased to finally announce the release of La Séptima Bala, an online short story, with gorgeous illustrations by my collaborator René, and told with a subtle bit of enforced interaction. Read it at Early morning: the girl who knew the secret of the seventh bullet meditates on a rooftop. From La Séptima Bala. […]

2015 Beholder news: Planetarium update

It’s been quiet in the blog here. 2014 was a busy year for the things which prevent me doing Beholder projects (of which Fudebakudo, of course, is one). But I managed to spend most of December working on a forthcoming project with René (my brother-in-pens), which we’re hoping to release on the Beholder site in […]

Beholder’s Alphabet for Geniuses

E is for… zebra? See the Alphabet for Geniuses. The Fudebakublog also serves as an occasional mouthpiece for other Beholder projects. So I’ll mention here that the old Alphabet for Geniuses project has been updated. The Beholder site has not been linking to the Alphabet for a couple of years for rather silly reasons to […]

Beholder server down

Although the Fudebakudo site isn’t directly related, on Thursday (13-Dec-2012) we suffered a hardware failure on the server that hosts and This is affecting several Beholder domains as well as email but everything should be back up and running shortly. This is now fixed (thanks Mark)! Thanks for your patience and sorry if […]