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Henka in Sumo

Benjamin Morris has written a fascinating article about sumo history on FiveThirtyEight. There’s lots of interesting things in there, including the dominance of foreign sumotori and perhaps the cautionary tale for any nation: if you set the immigration bar too high, then the only people you let in are going to be good enough to […]

Musashi looks at the peony

A couple of friends (Myf and Jed) have been sharing their illustration chops with me recently, so I thought it was about time I dug this painting out. It’s a rendition of Miyamoto Musashi scowling at a flower, and it was done as a token of support for the opening of the new Heijoshin dojo […]

Video of French MMA Paraisy, and Cuban trapeze

There’s an unusually artistic view of MMA, without any fighting, in this short film portrait of French fighter Norman Paraisy: A Fighter in the Wind — Norman Paraisy I wrote about the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts about five years ago; I still maintain there’s a big difference in the reasons most people watch it […]

Jackie Chan’s “Best Story Ever”

A short anecdote from Jackie Chan, remembering being hit by Bruce Lee with a stick. “…I pretend very painful. I just want Bruce Lee hold me as long as he can.” Lovely 🙂

Fudebakudo’s gingerbread shuriken

The Fudebakudo shuriken cutter.Now with a page of its own. Way back in 2005, we took three hundred gingerbread shuriken (with chocolate tips) to Seni, the big martial arts expo in the UK. There’s now a page on the Fudebakudo website documenting how these remarkable weapons came about (OK, the ones we made were just […]

Nori Yamagata at the Japanese Posing Archery championships

Despite a history of doping scandals and problems with unruly crowd behaviour, the Japanese Posing Archery championships still hit the mark. I’m not sure of the original source of this, so I can’t give the correct attribution to the commentator.Update: I think it’s by Ireland’s “Apres Match”

Elephants at war

Elephant: if you do beat an elephant in a fight, it will never forget. But then the chances are neither will you. There’s a new illustration in the gallery: this one considers the benefits of bringing an elephant to a fight. It’s not a new tactic — in fact the first documented use of elephantry suggests […]

Bows and arrows

It’s been a while. Been busy. Work and stuff. But Cecil (of the Straight Dope) just answered a question I have been wondering about for years (although, being English, I had wondered about it in the context of the English Civil War, a century or so earlier than Cecil is considering). That is: Given that […]

Robert W. Smith: the Master

“The world’s most secretly guarded fighting techniques” — The Boston Globe Secret Fighting Arts of the World, by John F. Gilbey ISBN 0804816085, pub. Tuttle. The book was first published in 1963. This is a 2001 edition.* Although over the years I did a lot of research for the Fudebakudo book, there is one book that was, indirectly, hugely […]

Straight Dope On Street Effectiveness

I am a regular reader of Cecil’s Straight Dope. He’s just responded to the question: “Has martial arts training ever helped anybody defeat a mugger?” Answer: yes, with qualification. Read the Straight Dope on street effectiveness. Of course, I have opinions about this because I have trained in martial arts continuously (injuries notwithstanding) for more […]