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Short story: La Séptima Bala

I’m pleased to finally announce the release of La Séptima Bala, an online short story, with gorgeous illustrations by my collaborator René, and told with a subtle bit of enforced interaction. Read it at Early morning: the girl who knew the secret of the seventh bullet meditates on a rooftop. From La Séptima Bala. […]

2015 Beholder news: Planetarium update

It’s been quiet in the blog here. 2014 was a busy year for the things which prevent me doing Beholder projects (of which Fudebakudo, of course, is one). But I managed to spend most of December working on a forthcoming project with René (my brother-in-pens), which we’re hoping to release on the Beholder site in […]

Fudebakudo mug is broken

Avoid the obvious pun opportunities (gettting a handle, mug) and instead focus on the nice background shot of a T-shirt. The camera did. Whoops. NoooooOOOO! This morning a falling spice jar broke the handle off my favourite mug. Let this serve as a reminder to us all of the impermanent nature of this world.

Beholder server down

Although the Fudebakudo site isn’t directly related, on Thursday (13-Dec-2012) we suffered a hardware failure on the server that hosts and This is affecting several Beholder domains as well as email but everything should be back up and running shortly. This is now fixed (thanks Mark)! Thanks for your patience and sorry if […]

Iran’s kunoichi

Photo-journalism in The Guardian today: Iran’s female ninja (obviously that’s kunoichi on the Fudebakublog because we are so… so… into all that stuff. Yeah.) Actually The Atlantic has a slightly fuller set of the photos taken by Caren Fixou, the Reuters photographer who somehow located and infiltrated the secret ninja kunoichi lair.

Fudebakudo master goes rogue; displays art in public

In a shocking breach of centuries-old tradition, a Fudebakudo master has gone public. Ba Desheng publicly reveals the art. Unbelievable. Note elderly bystanders pretending not to be interested. According to the British free “newspaper” Metro, “Ba Desheng gives a whole new meaning to the term martial art, using kung fu moves to sketch out giant […]

More free aikido graphics

Aikido’s sumi otoshi There are some new graphics in the creative-commons aikido graphics collection, which now includes, amongst other things, eight basic techniques. See for the images.

Wee aikido graphics: free as in beer

Uke & tori (useful terms) Some aikido graphics (drawn for the “welcome pack” of my local aikido dojo, Spelthorne aikido club) are now available under a creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. This means you can use them for your dojo’s website or welcome pack or even aikido book — provided you credit Beholder, and propagate the […]

Battle cat advert

Here’s the ad we’re running in the current (Christmas) edition of Martial Arts Illustrated magazine. MAI tends to have a lot of photos of grimacing, bald men in their pages, and no kittens. So Fudebakudo has changed that, at least for one issue. Photo credit: Neil Hamilton (Flickr:neilh205) under a CC attrib 2.0 generic license. […]

Mikka Bouzu 200

Cartoonist Ed O’Grady’s Mikka Bouzu appears in his 200th cartoon this week. That makes it an epic. Well done Ed!